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Unique to the Wapiti line of reeds are the relief cut-outs which allow all sides of the tape to position themselves comfortably in the roof of the mouth. They require very little air and tongue pressure to operate, reducing our natural gag tendencies.  In conjunction with the natural soft latex it allows you to produce the most consistent air flow over the latex for sweet sounding tones.


SKU: 0005
  • The Sure Thing is our double reed which allows for added volume to your calling. Great for making all the bull sounds with added depth in your tones. This call is for more experienced caller's as it requires a more aggressive calling technique. When you stand on a ridge and throw out a locator call this reed shines through. Makes the bulls answer you as you hit a nice two note location call. Then when you get in close you can growl, bugle, lip bawl and chuckle. Mimic what the bull does and make him mad and ready for a fight!

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