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Wapiti River Outdoors has developed a new breed of elk reeds. Some people have a natural gag reflex when it comes to reeds. Our reeds have anti-gag technology built right into them. With the design of our reeds the gag reflex is reduced substantially for most people. Enjoy the freedom of being hands free while calling elk.  Very little air and tongue pressure is required to get a wide range of tones while out elk hunting. These reeds work right out of the package and in most cases need zero breaking in !!


I bought my first elk reed in 1990 and out bowhunting 

I went. I went the whole elk season without being able to make a single sound with that reed. 


After years of buying elk reeds 5 at a time trying to find the perfect one that worked right out of the package. I took it upon myself to develop a reed with a constitant stretch in the latex, producing the quality sounds one would expect from a reed.  Times have changed and quality products are now more readily available.


We will let the elk tell the rest of the story on how our elk reeds sound!  After all if the elk like the sounds our reeds produce and our customers can use them easily it's a win win!


Now we want all of you to enjoy the same thrill of calling either in competition or while calling in a huge screaming bull elk that comes in slobbering all over himself !!


Enjoy the new age of calls from Wapiti River Outdoors !!

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