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These smaller frame reed are made for anyone with a smaller pallet.  Men, women, and children can benefit from a reed that fits them properly.  These reeds are the samel stretch as their bigger brothers but built on our smaller frames.  The most important aspect in learning to call is to find a reed that fits you correctly.Unique to the Wapiti line of reeds are the relief cut-outs which allow all sides of the tape to position themselves comfortably in the roof of the mouth reducing our natural gag tendencies.  In conjunction with the natural soft latex it allows you to produce the most consistent air flow over the latex for sweet sounding tones.


  • The Bull Buster is a single latex reed that gives great bugles and growls along with fantastic chuckles and amazing cow calls. This reed has a thicker latex with light stretch. Easily make young bull sounds and add your voice in for growls and chuckles. Great call for learning all the bull sounds. This call is very user friendly and will take a beating as you learn to call properly. This reed might just be the best all-around reed we sell.

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