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Morning Sunrise Crawl out of your cozy warm sleeping bag and wash the sleep from your eyes. Then from the black of the night you hear far off bugles !!Slipping through the darkness from your camp to close the distance on these awesome sounding bugles. You think to your self “what sound do you go with to start” ?Then you hear the short growly bugles and you realize that bull is advertise Bugling and you know instantly to take out one of your sweet seductive cow reeds. Reaching into your call pouch you pull out the “MORNING SUNRISE” reed. This is the exact situation this reed was built for !!With confidence that you have the best reed for the job you send out some enticingly cow mews of seduction !! With only a couple soft cow mews that advertising bull is headed your way. He’s so close now, so you Draw your bow and the bull steps send the broadhead tipped arrow on its way !! The arrow disappears right above the bulls heart and it’s all thanks to those seductive mews of the “MORNING SUNRISE” !!Now let the work begin !!

Morning Sunrise

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