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Along with these killer instincts this reed has been proven in the field and on stage at the World Elk Calling Championships; victories in both 2014 and 2015 with top three finishes in the Men’s and Professional divisions.  Unique to the Wapiti line of reeds are the relief cut-outs which allow all sides of the tape to position themselves comfortably in the roof of the mouth. They require very little air and tongue pressure to operate, reducing our natural gag tendencies.  In conjunction with the natural soft latex it allows you to produce the most consistent air flow over the latex for sweet sounding tones.


SKU: 0001
  • The Black Widow was born with killer instincts and is ready to sink her fangs into your next bull elk. This reed comes with a single natural red latex that is stretched to give the mature and authentic soothing sounds of a real cow elk.  You will get the exact recipe that was used on stage to make all those crazy sounds from chirps, mews, estrus buzzes to even full out bugles and lip bawls !!

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